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One of the three Bakelite Trefoil trademarks used over the years.. the others appear throughout this site...



New for 2008:  
Important  large historic Ekco Radio Sign uncovered by workmen in Southampton England, see my Brief Encounter of an Ekco Kind page for image and details !!
 MY BAKELITE LECTURE/TALK is now available !!! Includes exhibits, slide show, handouts and much much more.. please contact me for full details, see below .. many people have already enjoyed the fun world of Bakelite... these include the Havering Antiques and Collectors Club, The Yorkshire Clarice Cliff Group and Ann Zierold Art Deco Fairs just to name a few !!!  BEING SO VERSATILE BAKELITE COVERS A WIDE SPECTRUM WHICH MIGHT BE JUST THE THING TO FILL ONE OF THE MEETING DATES IN YOUR CLUB'S CALENDAR OF EVENTS !!! just look at these two guys below ... full of the joys of visiting one of my lectures !!!..Jools



THANKS FOR THE VISIT !!!, Please come back !!! Jools.



Above my pride and joy an Ekco AD36 from 1935 added to the collection February 2006, Below another one of my favourites a Bush TV22 1950 ..... both of these pieces are classic bakelite designs separated by 15 years which I feel shows the versatility of this wonderous material. Both of these bakelite icons have their own respective pages within my site.. Jools.



Happy New Year 2006 to everyone out there who has logged onto my site, knows me, doesn't know me !! but shares a common love ... Bakelite !!! best wishes Jools The Bakeliteman
Please go to What's New further down this page for the latest information/additions to my site ... Jools August 2005
MAY 2004 Saw the important addition of the fabled BUSH TV22 TELEVISION to the collection .... from 1950 this superbly designed 405 line set
epitomises British Design and know how at it's best, in my opinion  !!! Images are shown above, further down this page and also in depth on it's own page further on .....
Below appears a stylish BUSH DAC 10 Radio from 1950, added to the collection May 2004. Before and after bakelite renovation pics can be seen on the Radio/Audio 3 page ... please take a look !!!


Contact Me

Greetings one and all !!! you have accessed the website of JOOLS ZAUSCINSKI an unashamed collector of Bakelite, a phenolic freak and anorak of associated old plastics !!!

watch this site for Bakelite info and details of all additions to my collection.
cheers JoolZ....

Hi, I'm Jools K Zauscinski and I was born in the East end of London, Stepney Green to be precise... many moons ago !!!
Yes Zauscinski is a good old cockney name ( if your father originated from eastern Europe !!!) I'm married, to Barbara,since 1974 and have two children. Gemma and Matthew, both now young adults. My main claims to fame (so far) consist of three television appearances. The first was late in 1999 on the Channel 4 programme Collectors Lot, hosted by Debbie Thrower. I appeared with part of my Bakelite/Plastics collection in a 16th century Elizabethan house in Somerset.... a brilliant experience. The second was mid 2001, appearing on the Antique Fair programme, courtesy of the Granada Breeze satellite channel. I was filmed in the comfort of my own home surrounded by many of my Bakelite treasures !!! My third appearance was on the programme Boot Sale Challenge during 2004, see dedicated page for details ... JoolZ


Below on the right a 1953 Portadyne Bakelite Radio in cream bakelite, nice and compact, working. Added to the collection September 2005 see the Portadyne page for further images and information ........... JoolZ



What's New...? ....... This site will be updated weekly,please keep checking it out .... Bookmark using the MIND IT facility on this page for automatic update notification.
March 2006 ... A lovely black Tesla Talisman 308 U Bakelite radio added to the collection, classic design, sometimes called the teardrop, made in the old Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, during the 1950's. Images and details soon to appear on my new page dedicated to this stylish set!!
February 2006 ... Well it's happened at last !! I have finally obtained an item that has long been at the top of my Bakelite wish list for the collection, one of the fabled ROUND EKCO RADIO range, a lovely AD36 manufactured in 1935, I've searched for years for in my opinion the Holy Grail of Bakelite design ... now I have one !!! More
details and images and the story behind this set  appear now on a new specially created page for this classic beauty... BRIEF ENCOUNTER OF AN EKCO KIND !! Please take a look  .... an elated Jools !!!!
January 26th 2006 ... Already I've managed to add some nice new examples to my Bakelite collection for the start of a New Year, these to appear on my newly created NEW ADDITIONS PAGE for 2006, one of the stars being a superb table lighter, THE CLASSIC JUMBO LIGHTER pure Art Deco, 1930's, plus many other items including an IVALEK CRYSTAL SET and a wonderful CALOR BAKELITE TABLE FAN .. please keep revisiting as I add more items.
January 2006 Hope everyone had a nice festive break and now back to the wonderful world of bakelite, I hope over the coming months to add many new features to my site, which hopefully will help people with similar interests.
Sunday January the 8th I attended one of the wonderful Art Deco Fairs that Ann Zierold provides on a regular basis across the north of England. This was at the impressive former Speke Aerodrome building in Liverpool, now a superb Marriots Hotel. The terminal building dates from the 1930's, pure Art Deco in style and the interior has been renovated to reflect the Deco period, a personal favourite era of mine.
Ann was kind enough to ask me to present my Bakelite lecture in these opulent surroundings, to a very receptive audience, many thanks again Ann.
If any of you get the chance to visit one of Ann's fairs, it's a nice day out, I've attended a few, another nice venue being Chester Racecourse. Normally there's plenty of bakelite on view ... so you might just bag a bargain !!!
September 2005 ... Another quality radio for the collection, a compact PORTADYNE MINX bakelite set from 1953, works a treat, see the newly created page.
August 2005 ... And we have just returned from our annual trip to Greece, soaking up the sun/retsina and mythos !!! Lots to do on my site and pics to take of new items. Barbara has treated me to my very own digital camera !!! normally I've used my daughter's or son's !!! Created a new page today dedicated to the wonderful EKCO AC85 receiver from 1934 and addition to the collection earlier this year... I think the current oldest example of a bakelite receiver in my collection ... so please take a look !! Much much more to follow ..JoolZ
April 2005 ... A couple of superb new additions to the collection this month !!  A fantastic example of the Bourjois Owl in mottled Blue Bakelite, part of the 1930's Evening in Paris range of perfume holders ... and one of the fabled Michelin Mr Bibendum bakelite ashtrays ... this particular Mr Bib has a tale to tell !!  Both items now appear on a newly created page in their honour so please take a look !!!
March 17th 2005 ... another new page added, featuring a 1950's Contex Mechanical adding machine, 1950's Made in Denmark, please take a look.
March 2005 , I have added a new page to the site dedicated to an unusual Bakelite wireless receiver the P.A.M. recently added to the collection, as featured in RADIO ART ...Robert Hawes's excellent book on Radio design.
This wireless was made around 1946 from war surplus materials. Also the About me page has been revamped to include images of my Bakelite Emporium, established from late 2004 onwards, please take a look !!
Also during March 2005 I added a fine example of the Sobell Model 439 Jelly Mould Wireless to the collection ... image on this page and full details on my Radio A to Z Page.
February 2005 and another classic bakelite wireless joins the collection, a 1946 Philips 209U compact three waveband set, with out of body station indicator still intact !! See my Radio/Audio page for details and pics.

Two recent additions to the growing radio side of the collection for 2005, at opposite ends of the style spectrum I feel.... but both produced just after the war in 1946. One displays all the style and chic associated with France, a Bakelite bodied Radialva Super AS 110/120volts, nice wrap around thick heavy bakelite, very stylish .......,

the other being a far more austere Amplion ADP1Portable Battery Receiver, Made in England, the design of which in my opinion still displayed all the aspects of the economic and practical designs of the war time period. Something about the simplicity of this set I like.

The Amplion used the readily surplus materials available post war, and the body consisted of Rexine ? I think, covered plywood. I found a  ready made excuse to feature this radio on my site ... the three control knobs are after all phenolic !!!    The Amplion featured the then new range of Octal valves which came onto the market during the same year of production 1946.   Without a doubt the cheapest radio I've purchased to date. Found recently covered in cobwebs at a local fleamarket for 3 !!!!!   Images of both sets now  appear on my A to Z Radio Collection Audio page..

November 27th 2004 ... A very important classic find for the collection, my good friend John Mee tips me off about a large mystery bakelite radio for sale at a local second hand bric a brac market .. I rushed down to the venue, and soon agreed a very reasonable price after a bit of bartering !! the radio  turned out to be a nice example of one of Ekco's fabled range, an A23, made August 1946 one of their first sets to be produced after the end of WWII. Large with pre war design and style very evident ... and it still works after nearly 60 years !! Think I owe John a few beers for the tip off. Pics  now appear on my newly created EKCO A23 page.. please take a look ... JoolZ.
November 7th 2004 ...  thanks are due to Rachel Steel and everybody at the YORKSHIRE CLARICE CLIFF GROUP for inviting me along to present my Bakelite Lecture to a very appreciative and responsive audience. Many members brought along some superb bakelite items and other interesting 20th century collectables, plus I even learned a little about the fabled Clarice Cliff  !!!! A most enjoyable afternoon ... many thanks Jools
October 2004 .... A nice Bakelite related article appears in the Independent on Sunday 24th October 2004 ... with thanks to Jasmine Birtles, a link to the article appears on this page.
September 2004 ... A wonderful donation to the collection by Nick Arnold,
a classic Art Deco Office Pencil Sharpener .. The Electro Pointer Sharpener, heavy black Bakelite from 1941 ... please check out the page I have created for this wonderful item .... many images and a nice story to accompany this beauty !!!
August 2004 Just back from our annual visit to Parga Greece, wonderful as ever !!  Congratulations to everyone in Greece for the wonderful display put on by the Greek nation staging the Olympics 2004  Yammas everyone !!!!
Back in Bakelite mode now, picked up a superb cast phenolic bangle at Chelford yesterday ... the site of my appearance on Boot Sale Challenge recently ... green with yellowish hue, pics to appear shortly on the jewellery page.  Apologies to all people who have mailed me whilst on holday, I will get back to everyone shortly after the ouzo, metaxa and sun has worn off !!!
Yet again I have an amusing story from my visit to Parga this year .. involving a large greek ferry, approx 200 passengers and an irate deck hand !! ... details to follow soon ...Jools
May 21st 2004 .... After many years of searching, I've finally added one of my dream bakelite classic items to the collection ... A 1950 BUSH TV22 BAKELITE TELEVISION !!!!  See above ...   A new  page has been created for this wonderful example of classic bakelite design ... please take a look !!
                                                                                                                         Also I've finally been able to add an example of one of my favourite classic designed radios to the collection, the stylish ribbed Bush Dac 10 Model. Dating from 1950, this model, being push button was evidently rumoured to have been designed to help blind listeners to use their sets with greater ease. Please check out my new RADIO/AUDIO 3 Page for images etc. I purchased this set with bakelite restoration in mind .... so before and after pictures appear.... please take a look !!!
Easter Monday April 12th 2004 ... I'm on the telly again !! Filming took place for BOOT SALE CHALLENGE the popular TV programme which goes out during June 2004. Basically two sets of teams play against each other, buying items on a car boot which are then valued by the resident expert. The winning team being the one with the most profit !! My team member was my good friend John Mee and filming took place at one of our regular haunts ... Chelford in Cheshire.  DID WE WIN ???? well visit my page dedicated to this fun day to find out !!!
March 19th 2004 .. It's my birthday next month and I've just added a superb example of  one of the CORONET MIDGET 16mm Cameras to the collection... an early present from my Wife, who I've dedicated a page to entitled KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS !!  please take a look at this stylish camera from the age of Deco.
February 23rd 2004  A nice new camera for the collection, from 1938 a near mint
VP Twin miniature black bakelite camera, complete with carrying case. See photography page for images and details.
February 2004  I have added a new page .. BAKELITE FURNITURE ... please take a look. Images of a superb coffee table kindly donated to the collection by a lady in Norfolk.
January 2004 .. HAPPY NEW YEAR To You all !!!
A recently obtained Swiss Bakelite tray from 1938 appears further down this page,
very unusual .. please take a look .. Jools
November 9th 2003 ... and I'm on a Bakelite roll !!! A good example of one of the
first Bakelite cameras in the UK added to the collection ..The RAJAR No 6, dating from around 1929 ...Picture appears on my Photography page.
November 5th 2003 .... A brief  follow up to yesterday's information .... A foundation stone was laid on the 16th August 1951 at the new BAKELITE LTD building costing
1 million at Newton Aycliffe .... Laid by the Chairman of Bakelite Ltd, a certain  Mr. H.POTTER  !!!!  I would love to think that this gentleman was indeed called Harry ! As I have always maintained that Bakelite was certainly a Magical material !!!   A link is now available on my Links page to the HYDRO POLYMERS History Archives, have a look and you will indeed find an image of Mr Potter's stone !!!
Many thanks to The Advertiser Newspaper for featuring an article on Bakelite and myself today.
November 4th 2003  ... After seeing the Daily Mail article last week, Chris Welton the Communications Manager of HYDRO POLYMERS,  based at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham contacted me. His company were originally set up by BAKELITE Ltd during the 1940's. Chris has kindly invited me to go and spend a day with them and view archive material etc.  An invite I'm very pleased to accept and look forward to sometime in the New Year ... thanks Chris !!!
November 2nd 2003 ... A nice find today at a local Antiques Fair, a good example of
the Kolster Brandes FB10 Radio, popular name the "Toaster" ... more details and pics on my Radio page ...
October 31st 2003 ... the Manchester Evening News article was printed today !!!
October 30th 2003 ... The Manchester Evening News have also been in contact to do an article and I've already had some very interesting and exciting feedback resulting from the Daily Mail article ... so watch this space ..Joolz
October 29th 2003 ... Thanks are due to the DAILY MAIL for publishing today nearly a half page article and photo regarding my love of Bakelite !! My daughter forwarded some information to them, which was used in the PETERBOROUGH column ... a nice surprise indeed !!! Thanks to everyone at this excellent publication. I shouldn't say that really being an ex Express Newspapers employee !!!
October 21st 2003  ... Just a few words to say thankyou to everyone concerned at the HAVERING ANTIQUE AND COLLECTORS CLUB, Harold Wood in Essex. I thoroughly enjoyed providing my Bakelite Lecture last friday evening to a very receptive and friendly audience ... and particular Thanks are due to Jenny Curtis for making the whole event possible .....
 If your club or society are interested in a possible BAKELITE LECTURE ... please mail me for details ... I promise you an entertaining and interesting evening ..Jools
June 24th 2003 ... The last couple of weeks have been wonderful on the Bakelite front !!! My star find being a 1940's solid black Bakelite Russian Gramophone Player, portable .. I use this term very loosely as the weight of this player is considerable ... I bought this from a guy who operates a haulage firm into and out of the old USSR, he had many items of russian origin for sale ... but in my opinion this was the Red Star !!! sorry about the pun !!! I NOW HAVE IMAGES of this wonderful item on my  newly created RADIO/AUDIO 2 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE  !!! page. Please take a look !!!  From the details I already have, Vitaly Brousnikin of Moscow has already confirmed the age of this item and hopefully will provide more information soon. Vitaly has a very good website dedicated to Russian radios and Gramophones ... called RED STAR RADIOS and is an expert in old Russian audio technology. 
March 2003, Added a DORSET FLINTLESS BAKELITE LIGHTER to the collection, from circa 1953, images of this fascinating item can be found on the SMOKING page.
Monday 9th December ... On this page I have reproduced an article and image of the giant Ekco radio press, by kind permission of Tony Thompson of Vintage Radio World.
Tuesday 19th November, a link has been placed to Tony Thompson's excellent site VINTAGE RADIO WORLD, very informative ...  go to my links page or the Radio page
September 2002 ... I managed to obtain a copy of the BBC HISTORY Magazine, September issue, where I have contributed with other Bakelite fans to a charming artcle put together by Betsy Miller regarding Bakelite. Well done Betsy on a concise and well produced article... plenty of information appearing on one page !!!
11th June 2002 ... Received my copy of the July issue of HOMES & ANTIQUES magazine...very very pleased with the article !!! Superb copy from MADELEINE MARSH and ANDREW MONTGOMERY'S photos are brilliant !! Copyright laws forbid me to reproduce the article on my site...

Below appears a good example of the Sobell 439 Jelly Mould Wireless ( Sobellette ) walnut bakelite, nice design from 1949. Added to the collection March 2005 ... more details on my Radio A to Z page.



Despite it's Art Deco styling, this Carvacraft cast phenolic double inkwell stand dates from around 1946, manufactured by J Dickinson of Great Britain,  was part of a complete desk range.... this  was added to the collection Christmas 2002 ....more pictures can be seen on the Household page.... one of the sliding covers is missing and I would dearly like to replace it, if by any chance you have a spare one, please get in contact ... many thanks Jools ... during  May 2003 I've managed to aquire another item from the wonderful Carvacraft range ... the ink blotter ... pictures of this item now appear on the Household page.


Please mail me with any comments/ observations regarding this website.... it's always nice to hear from people with similar interests to myself.... thanks Jools
Over the Years I have been asked  questions regarding IDENTIFICATION .. CLEANING ..  the HISTORY of Bakelite, and many other queries. Hopefully the links provided below can direct you to the part of my site most relevant to your query ....

So what is Bakelite ? ... The Facts

Conservation of Plastics Collections:

Identification of Plastic Materials

Glossary..Plastics Production .. A to Z.

History of Plastics:

Important Patents

Who made What ? ... Trade Names.


 Above ...  appears a 1951 Dux Episcop child's projector, brown mottled Bakelite with a nice logo to one side. Purchased from a local collectables fair, this item works on the same principal as the Magnajector featured further down this page ....... image: Patrick Cook.
Below appears one of the fantastic sets from the EKCO range produced during the 1930/40's period .. this set the A23 was manufactured August 1946 not long after the end of WW2. The design of this radio was in fact pre- war, and the quality of the materials used reflects this in my opinion. In good working order, very powerful indeed. Added to the collection late November 2004. Please visit my page dedicated to this wonderful set !!!


Welcome to my personal web site! I dedicate the naming of this website to all the dealers out there who when asked the price of an item .... utter firstly the immortal words-" IT'S BAKELITE YOU KNOW" !!!      
VISITORS From the following countries have viewed this site:
USA. THE CZECH REPUBLIC, ITALY, BELGIUM, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, INDIA, THE NETHERLANDS,SOUTH AFRICA,EGYPT, UK,CANADA, TAIWAN, KUWAIT, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL,NEW ZEALAND, HONOLULU - HAWAII, FRANCE, HONG KONG, NORWAY, RUSSIA,AND VENEZUELA ...... Please feel free to drop me a line from wherever you are in this small small world !!! It is certainly nice to see that Bakelite still fascinates people all over the world... !!!!!

This wonderful quote can be found AT THE BASE OF EACH OF MY PAGES, click on it at anytime to return to my home page...
A Directory of TRADE NAMES ( two pages ) has now been completed 10/08/2001 .... Many worldwide companies are featured. May be of particular interest to American collectors as many old companies are featured from the USA...                                            A recent find ( shown below ) was this magnificent MAGNAJECTOR projector...dating from the 1930's,this stylish simple device - was basically a light bulb,reflecting mirror and focusing lense, encased in a black bakelite case complete with integral handle and ventilation slots....winner of a design award the MAGNAJECTOR projected and illuminated an image of whatever it was placed on !!!


November 2002 saw this fine Bush Dac 90a in cream, 1950... added to the collection ...


A 1950's Bakelite Coffee Table kindly donated to the collection
late 2003... go to the Bakelite Furniture page for more images and details
of this superb table !!



Below a Classic Art Deco Black Bakelite Office Pencil Sharpener from 1941, the Electro Pointer ... made in the USA. Kindly donated by Nick Arnold. A page has been dedicated to this item within the site.



At the base of each page appears a link to the next page,  ....just click on to access .....


Brief Encounter of an EKCO Kind !!

Cast phenolic bangle found on a large car boot sale, 1930's .. superb colouring, heavy ... a nice find.... more images on my Jewellery page


Below appears a superb example of one of the CORONET MIDGET 16mm Cameras, made in Birmingham England during the mid 1930's... a fantastic birthday present from my Wife !!! Check out the page KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS dedicated to this beauty ( and the camera !!! )


The manufacturing process,  How Bakelite radio cabinets are made. The information  and image below appear by kind permission of Tony Thompson of Vintage Radio World ...

Baekeland created Bakelite by combining carbolic acid and formaldehyde, derived from coal or timber. The brittle resin compound that is the product of this combination is allowed to cool before being ground into powder form and, usually, mixed with fillers such as wood flour (effectively, fine sawdust) or cotton. Pigments for colouring are added at this stage. Catalysts and other chemicals are then added and the mixture heated to create a thermosetting compound that required great heat and pressure to make it melt. Finally the resin compound is re-ground into powder and pressed into blocks known as pre-forms for use in moulding presses such as the Ekco 500 ton hydraulic press pictured below. Inserts such as brass screw retainers may be added to the mould before the pressure casting. Under great pressure and considerable heat the powder pre-forms become a viscous liquid that flows into the steel cabinet mould. The polymer material then forms cross links and sets permanently, retaining the exact contours of the original mould. Removed from the mould, any 'flash' (excess plastic around the mould extremities) is trimmed or ground away and another cabinet shell is completed. Because the original mould must be both extremely well made and finished and also be capable of withstanding the great pressures involved in the moulding process, the work of the mould maker was - and still is - highly skilled. 

The moulds themselves represent a high financial investment and it is only the concept of mass production that make their use economical. As a crude illustration of this, think about a single cabinet produced from such a mould. That solitary cabinet cost the total of the tooling cost - mould production cost - to make. However, produce 1,000 cabinets from the same mould and each will have cost little more than one-thousandth the cost of the original mould. This example is extremely simplified and there are many other factors to take into account if a true picture of manufacturing costs is to be appreciated - but the principle is correct. Compare with the production of wooden cabinets. Each will cost a finite sum, virtually regardless of the number produced (again, in simplified terms). So, 1,000 wooden cabinets will cost nearly 1,000 times more than a single cabinet.

Ekco 500 ton hydraulic Press shown below..


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

The above picture shows a HAWKETTE NO 2 FOLDING CAMERA circa 1929, nice mottled Bakelite, full working order, a nice find !!!!

FACTFILE: During the 1930'S The Great Depression era in the U.S.A. took hold,mass unemployment,fortunes were lost overnight,stocks and shares crashing etc ... Plastics producers tried in vain to cheer people up with newly developed colours replacing the old often mundane dark brown/blacks that were extensively used. One of the most famous colours to be produced was given the name "Depression Green". Used mainly within the kitchen area, I have used this colour throughout my site ....

Below : A PIFCO VACETTE, circa 1958 - hand held working vacuum cleaner in Urea ...


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Below appears a commemorative Swiss Tray with the following inscription in German .... 50 Jahriges Jubilaum Konsumverein, 1888 Stein - Hundwil 1938.
Initially I thought this was indeed a German item, but research tells me that Stein and Hundwil are in fact Swiss Villages/Towns. My German is not so good but I presume this was a piece to celebrate 50 years of trading.
Obtained for the collection Christmas 2003